Ashley Reardon

Hair & Make Up Artist

Licensed Since 2007

Main Color Line
Tutto, Redken, Schwarzkopf Blonde Me

Favorite Products
Kerastase Therapiste. It literally puts life back into dead hair. The densifique styling mouse - makes the hair feel thick almost instantly.

Why did you become a hair stylist?
I always wanted to be in the beauty industry since I was 8 years old. Being a hair stylist came naturally to me. I love making people feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside.

What is your favorite thing about the beauty industry?
I love transforming hair. And getting to know so many people on a personal level. The industry is ever changing and evolving. Most of all beauty holds no boundaries.

Classes, Certifications, and anything else you would like people to know about you as a professional stylist?
VIDAL Sassoon London Academy, Colors of The Rainbow Class, Brazilian Blowout Certified, Hot heads Hair Extensions Certified, Schwarzkopf Blonde Me Certified, Redken Baby Lights and Balayage Class, Tutto Color Certified, American Board of Certified Hair Colorists Color Summit 2015 & 2016, Beaded Weft Extensions, MAC Certified Classes for makeup - wedding, contour and body painting.

Fun Facts

Personal Hobbies? 
Travel, Dogs, Hiking, The beach

Favorite Color? 
Dont have a favorite I like colors based on my mood.

Favorite Lipstick brand and color? 
Sin by MAC 

Nylon by MAC 

MAC products

If you could bring back one hair trend from the past what would it be?
BIG HAIR! Texas Hair, because who doesn't love big hair.

What was the first service you did as a professional cosmetologist?
Wash & Blow Dry

Some advice for clients about hair are, color, style, or anything else you want your clients to know?  
Use professional products and always consult with a professional when it comes to your hair needs. Too many people make mistakes with their own hair and end up spending more money to fix it with me then if they would of just gone to a professional in the first place. The most popular service I do would have to be color corrections when I have to fix a new clients home dye disaster.  
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