Sara Quezeda

Hair Artist

Licensed Since 2003

Main Color Line 
Redken and Pravana

Favorite Products 
Kerastase Nutrivive Masque because it gives the hair the perfect amount of moisture without weighing it down.

Why did you become a hair stylist? 
I thought it was amazing seeing how a simple haircut or color can bring out the confidence and beauty in someone and I wanted to be the one to make that happen for people.

What is your favorite thing about the beauty industry? 
 Seeing how hair color can be transferred into so many looks by so many different stylists.

Classes, Certifications, and anything else you would like people to know about you as a professional stylist? 
 Redken Training, Hotheads Hair Extensions Certified, Kerastase Product and Styling Education, Hairpainting Freehand Class. Redken, Loreal Professional, Kerastase certified. Pravana Vivids Certified.

Fun Facts

Personal Hobbies? 
Running, Hiking, and HAIR OF COURSE.

Favorite Color? 
Black or Leopard Print

Favorite Hair icon either past or present? 
Jennifer Lopez 

Favorite Lipstick brand and color? 
MAC -RiRi Woo 

What was the first service you did as a professional cosmetologist? 
Chunky Blonde Highlights 

Some advice for clients about hair are, color, style, or anything else you want your clients to know? 
 TRUST YOUR STYLIST! Hair is an investment, think of your hair as a Bentley, you wouldn't spend all that money and the throw cheap gas in it. Don't use cheap products on your gorgeous new hair, please invest in good products for long lasting results and beautiful hair. 
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